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Stella Paradise | Hersonissos, Heraklion

Hersonissos is a seaside town in the prefecture of Heraklion.
In the place of the present settlement of Hersonissos Harbor there was an ancient city of Heronissos or Hersonissos.
Its existence dates from the Minoan times and reached its peak during the Roman and first Byzantine times.
At the Port of Minoan Chersonis, the descendants of the Tyrrins were led by a Lacedaemon named Pollis.
The descendants of the Tyrrhenes brought with them the goddess of the goddess Artemis, whom they had inherited from their ancestors.
In the evening, they heard terrifying noises and were terrified, they entered the boats and left after the goddess of her goddess hunting.
According to an oracle, he had to settle in the place where he would lose the Artemis bastard and the anchor of the ship.
Pollis observed that the anchor end was missing as well. They landed again in Hersonissos, defeated the inhabitants and settled there.
In the same place, a temple was built in honor of Vritomartyros Artemis, referring to Strabo.
The ruins of this temple were discovered at the site of Elliniko Livadi. A biblical inscription dating back to the 1st century BC was discovered in the presence of St. Nicholas. And that refers to Artemis.

They then occupied the Lyceum and colonized it. At Polis, a very small indication was also discovered, describing the terms of a treaty between Gortynia and Knossia.


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